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Founded in 1983, F&S Tool operates a 90,000 square foot facility located on the shores of Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. F&S Tool specializes in high output, high efficiency hot runner injection molding applications typically with 2-6 million cycles expected per year. In addition to injection molding, F&S Tool is an expert in high volume compression molding applications with similar throughputs.

F&S Tool offers the option to use our facility as an integration center that could include sending your machine, automation and auxiliaries for full molding cell performance certification with our in-house technical experts prior to shipment. As an alternative, F&S Tool offers the use of a range of injection molding machines for sampling, short or medium run production in one of our 20 machine bays.


Founded in


Operating a


sq. ft. facility

Cycles per year

2-6 million

20 Sampling Bays

90 – 720 ton



Experience a carefully planned design. Balanced fill especially with asymmetrical gates due to precise gate alignment, hot runner manifold collaboration, uniform cavity temperatures and patented techniques to improve alignment, maximize durability with industry leading fast cycle times.

  • Mutual investment protection
  • Nimble organization able to make and execute changes mid-stream
  • Cycle time guarantee with complete SigmaSoft® virtual molding simulation analysis
  • Virtual molding evaluation including finite element analysis (FEA) refines the design to achieve the fastest cycle with the most robust build in advance of mold production
  • Steel safe expertise to achieve the desired part characteristics on-schedule
  • Standard 2 year, 4 million shot warranty
  • Exceptional core support due to imaginative cavity stack construction and creative robust ejection techniques
  • Agathon® ball bearing cages to reduce cavity stack friction and improve mold and/or cavity alignment
  • Internal multi-stage mechanical Cam Action ejection used to stage plate movement – proven to be durable and repeatable for millions of cycles
  • Delta Cam fingers for precise crash-proof mechanical slides and parting line core movement
  • Designed metallurgical lubricity between components and/or surfaces
  • Coatings to prevent rust (electroless nickel), extend surface life and dimension integrity (tungsten DLC [diamond like coating] or WCC)
  • 100% interchangeability for all cavity stack components
  • Part design for optimal production and performance
  • Complete mold design, build and key part characteristic qualification including multi-component fit and functionality
  • SigmaSoft® virtual molding simulation analysis including finite element analysis (FEA) for cycle optimization and robustness
  • Production intent prototype molds to ensure a timely product launch. Cavity stack construction is identical to the production mold. Prove part functionality and the molding cycle at the prototype step.
  • Turnkey molding cell integration including post molding automation certification in one of our 20 machine bays
  • Contract molding – short or medium production runs; processing and quality experts on-staff, equipped with internal 3 axis CNC Zeiss CMM
  • Pre-launch volumes to certify secondary operations or assembly line performance
  • Bridging production requirements on critical projects


Core Applications




Every application is designed and simulated in SigmaSoft. This iterative process optimizes the stack construction to produce the fastest cycling, most uniform cavity temperature and durable design. Back feeding actual application data ensures the most accurate interpretation of the virtual molding simulation results.

Plate Production

In 2014 F&S Tool bolstered internal plate production with a 30,000 square foot [2,787 square meter] expansion. Precisely milling the plates allows F&S to provide superior cavity support/alignment, less movement friction, a reduction in clamp tonnage and control of the workflow for an on-time delivery.

Development Center

In 2016 F&S added a 25,000 square foot [2,322 square meter] turn-key molding development center with 20 machine bays for complete certification prior to shipment including post molding automation. The 10 ton crane can accommodate up to a three section 30 ton stack mold (10 tons per section) in one of our sample machines or in your production cell.

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